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5 important first Notary laws

By walkersign-admin | October 26, 2023

By Bill Anderson on May 12, 2023 To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Model Notary Act, this series of articles looks at the history of state and U.S. Notary laws. Did you know that Notaries have been essential to the United States from its earliest times? Notaries were here in North…

Absentee Ballots May Be Notarized by North Carolina Notaries Public

By walkersign-admin | October 26, 2023

Years ago, when a person voted absentee, they were required to have their absentee ballot envelope notarized. There was a definite need at that time for absentee voting, as this was before early voting was even a dream. Individuals in the military, off at college, confined to a hospital or facility, or simply out of…

Mobile Notary Services vs. The UPS Store

By walkersign-admin | October 26, 2023

From mortgages and prenups to statements and sworn affidavits, there are a wide variety of documents that will fail to hold any legal weight if a notary doesn’t verify your signature. Although using a UPS notary may seem like your best (or easiest) option, there are plenty of reasons to choose a mobile notary instead.…